Saturday, September 16, 2006

Princess Daughter dares her Daddy to chase and catch
her, which of course, always ends in a tickling match. The
other day the tickling match ended up being on our bed.
Billy heard the excitement and couldn't resist joining the
free-for-all that was going on. Actually, knowing Billy,
he probably got pulled in against his will.

Kent switched his full force from tickling Princess Daughter
to wrestling with Bill and Princess Daughter stole the
opportunity to escape. She stood on top of them and jumped--
right into the ceiling fan which was, up till then, happily
whirring along. Ouch.

So, as I held her crying, I tried to cheer her up by telling her
another fan story. A camp story.

A friend of ours, Jay, was a couselor at a camp we were directing,
sometime back in the early years of our marriage. Jay had an
old-fashioned fan going to help him sleep. No A.C. at our camps,
thank you. In the middle of the night he rolled over and his
hand flung out and into the fan blades. Ow! What a wake-up
call that was. But, do not fret, besides a sore hand he was just

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e-Mom said...

Ow is right!