Friday, September 15, 2006

Arachnid-spider (or other related creature)
Phobia-fear of

Arachnophobia-fear of spiders. This is not a fear that I am
blessed with. I have a confession to make. I kind of like the
little guys. In fact, if I see one in the house and it is not in
my way, (like in the washing machine-where I found one
this week, or in the bathtub-spiders in the tub are a bit much)
I grant clemency and let him live. I really like those big yellow
and black garden spiders that get on my bushes and make the
web with the long zzzzzzzz in it and then bounce back and forth
when you gently tickle them with a stick.

All of that to lead up to this little story. A few days ago I stepped
out on my porch and there was a big red spider spinning his
web in the corner. I snuck (really one doesn't need to sneak with
a big outdoor spider intent on his other duties) up so I could see
the behind the scenes action, and it was really fascinating.

The thread was coming out of his spinnerets and he was patiently
attaching it to the rays that he had already formed. He would pause
for a second, attach the new line, and then move on. I called
Princess Daughter out to watch and she was interested, for a moment,
I had interrupted a big game of Masterpiece between her Daddy
and her. I think he won, Daddy I mean, for, like, the first time since
they started playing.

The next morning Mr. Spider was hanging from the top of the porch
and in the web was a hapless victim, all trussed and ready for the
Big Sunday Dinner. There are way too many moths on my porch
anyway. They come in like a cloud whenever I open the door at
night. I think I will name him "Brave and Handsome Hunter"...but
he probably is a she. I do think all the aggression goes to the female
in the arachnid world. I better go look that one up.


Steve & Ruth said...

Very Interesting. While you took advantage of the spider spinning its web to admire it's work, I would have used that time, while it was distracted, to smash it before it had the chance to turn on me.

Billy and Jenn said...

I would have looked at it and done what Steve said. Sorry Laurie!

Laurie said...

So, gang up on me will you! At least I had my glasses on and didn't mistake a feather for it.