Tuesday, September 26, 2006

For those who are wondering, Grandma Opal is doing
great. She is looking forward to a visit next week from
her son who lives in Florida and his family. Some of
that family she hasn't seen in quite a number of years.
I am sure she will be exhausted by the time the visit
is over.

But meanwhile, she and I whooped up on Kent and Hattie
last night in High Five. They went home with their tails
between their legs. But I did not gloat at all. Never would,
never could.

We had walked down to Grandma's just before dark and
when she was saying, "Goodbye and thanks for coming
to entertain me", Hattie was looking out at how dark
the road was. "I think we need a flashlight," she quivered.
Kent and I vetoed that idea and we had a nice, spookish
walk down the very dark road. The moon was a golden
crescent hanging just over the trees, and indeed it set
before we reached home.

Earlier in the day we had walked back on the old home
place and Hattie was excitedly looking at all the deer tracks
and other tracks she saw in the mud.

I pointed out some scat to Hat,
She said, "What is that?"
I said, "It's just dung, Hon."
"And look, it's got some seeds among."

Well, I guess you have to be from Mayberry to enjoy that
little poem. But we could easily see that it was from an
herbivore, or maybe an omnivore, since there were lots of
big seeds in it.

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e-Mom said...

My daughter (a scientist) has taught me to look at things that way. Cute poem, a hoot. Go Grandma Opal!