Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chrysalis posted on parlor games and it inspired me
to write about large group games that we have
enjoyed over the years. I'll post one now and follow
up with more later.

As a family we always play Round Robin on Thanksgiving
day. This is a ping pong game that is a hoot for groups of
from 10 to about 30. Everyone lines up around the ping
pong table; try to start with a relatively even number on
both sides of the table. One person holds a paddle at both

The first person to serve does so and then sets down their
paddle and moves to the side. The person following them
picks the paddle up to hit the return shot and then they
lay the paddle down and move aside. This continues on
both ends of the table so there is a continuous circling of
the table. If a person misses a shot they get a "P"; their
second miss gives them an "I"; their third miss gives
them a "G" and they are out of the game.

As the group becomes smaller the games becomes more
challenging because the participants have to run to get to
the other end on time to hit the coming ball. When only
two people are left the final stage of the game begins.

One person serves and then lays down his paddle and then
must turn around before he can pick it up to hit the return
shot. The person at the other end must lay his down and
turn around each time also. The last one to spell PIG wins
the game.

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e-Mom said...

HA! This is a great game! I was a playground leader one summer many moons ago, and I remember organizing all the kids to play this. Our family isn't large enough--and we don't have a ping pong table--so we can't play it at holiday time. BUT my daughter is a Christian youth leader, and I'll suggest it! (Thanks for your other ideas at my site... yes, I'm a group game lover.) Enjoy your family turkey day in Mayberry. And thanks so much for the mention. :~)