Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mayberry News

Or I guess that should be Mayberry Newspaper. I love
Wednesdays because that is the day our local newspaper
is delivered. It is late afternoon before we get it. The
townies get theirs in the morning or even on Tuesday
night, but those of us who live way down Rt. 2 don't get
it 'til late on Wednesday. Except once, a few weeks ago,
when I noticed someone stopping by our newspaper holder,
which is next to our mailbox, at the end of our driveway
and across the gravel, and naturally I thought, "Hmmm,
what is going on?" A little hike to the boxes and the
mystery was solved. Our newpaper had been delivered,
but it was only Tuesday night. That was kind of fun. It
like getting a birthday present from your parents a day or
two early. I waited for the next Tuesday eagerly, but
alas, it was to no avail...there was no newspaper. I guess
it was a once-in-a-lifetime treat. But small minds will be
occupied with just such trivialities, "Why was it delivered
a day early?" and, "Will it every happen again?"

You may ask, why such excitement over a newspaper? And
really, that is quite a good question. I think the answer is
that in a town like Mayberry the newpaper is just one more
thread that ties us all together.

There are the first few pages that are filled with the BIG
news of the week. That may range from a local lawsuit
to the candidates for homecoming in the local highschool.
There are always pictures throughout of people receiving
awards for this or that or of businesses that donated money
or items to this or that club. (They get good free advertising
that way.) This time of year there are always one or two
pages dedicated just to pictures of hunters and the deer
they bagged.

The sports section includes both school sports, city sports.
and traveling teams. There is the community news where
ladies (it's always ladies), write about the news in their small
microcosm of a community. A lot of times these are based
around a community church. I always feel sorry for one lady
who says almost weekly, "Well nobody called with any news
this week, so I don't have much to write. Please, somebody,
call me with some news." (I'd never put that in this little
blogpost if there were one chance on ten-million of her seeing

Twice a year pictures are printed that advertise different
stores in town. If kids color them and turn them in to the store
they can win a $5 prize. Several times my kids have won. In
fact ,just yesterday, the Christmas Coloring pictures were put
in, so Princess Daughter will get started on them today.

My kid's favorite parts are Speak Out, Letters to the Editor
and Street Talk. We have our share of entertainment by being
amused or getting angry over what is said.

Maybe I like the Mayberry Newspaper so much because someone
or other of my family is in it quite often. Between sports and
community activities we frequently end up with a picture
in the paper, or perhaps it is just a name of ours that is mentioned,
either way it is fun.

Really though, I think that I like it so much because it reminds me
weekly that I am part of a living, thriving community. I am not
just a commuter on a lonely, car-filled highway, but I am part of
something that is thriving and interconnected. I may not talk
like one, but, in my heart, I have become a true Mayberrian.


Tammy said...

Oh, you may remember I said that I always wanted to live in Mayberry. Sounds wonderful...but even better if you get your news on Tuesday night! :)

e-Mom said...

A nice piece of writing. You're living in Eden--or so it seems. Please stay put, and keep telling us all about it!

prospectnewsgirl said...

I enjoyed reading your nice comments about our newspaper. I am the managing editor here at the local paper and would like to comment about your remark about the townies getting theirs on Tuesday night. No one gets a paper on Tuesday night anymore. The vending machines are filled up on Tuesday night but all home deliveries are made on Wednesday. So you shouldn't feel slighted anymore....