Wednesday, November 01, 2006

There are just a few household jobs that make me
growl. One of them is putting new sheets on top bunks,
I invariable hit my head, or my knee or my whatever.
The other growly job that must be faced on a regular
basis is cleaning the tub/shower. My tendency was
always to put it off until we had overnight company and
then spend enormous amounts of time making it look
as though it had never been used before. (Good thing
we often have overnight company or the ickniness would
have built up to a gargantuan level.)

But I came up with a solution a few years ago that works
for me.

Every time I take a shower (which isn't everyday, no "icks"
please, I take baths in between showers since I don't need
to wash my hair everyday), but every time I take a shower
I clean one part of the tub/shower stall. It isn't so daunting
when taken in bits like this. One day I'll clean the tub,
a few days later it will be the walls up to the middle and then,
finally, I attack the upper walls. Basically the entire assembly
gets cleaned once a week. I no longer have to panic if I get
unexpected company. This is a system I've been able to keep
going for several years now.

For more Works For Me go over and visit Shannon at Rocks
In My Dryer.


Debs said...

We have a squeegee (like window cleaners use) that after every shower you just really quickly zip down over the tiles. It removes any soap suds etc that were left there and the drips - that means no limescale buildup and no soap scum problems. Might be worth a try?!?!
I did my first WFMW post today. I'd love it if you checked it out :-)

Carol said...

Breaking down a burdensome job. Great plan!

Larae said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing =)

Amy said...

Way to tackle those horrible chores! Thanks for the idea!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Great idea! I better try something!