Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oscar and Sylvia
dancing at the
Torre Fuerte

The very air itself is aquiver with excitement
here in Mayberry. It is semi-official that our
dear friend, Oscar Gonzalez, from Cuernavaca
will be with us the first week of January.

When our Mexico Mission Team was in Cuernavaca
this past July, Oscar was our guide and
translator. We rather exhausted him in the
translation department. Sometimes after a
church service you could see the tiredness in
his eyes. He would have to translate the entire
service from English to Spanish, and from Spanish
to English, depending on who was speaking at the
moment. And then all along the way we were always
calling for Oscar to come over and translate for
us as we tried to communicate with the ladies
who worked at Chula Vista (the mission we stayed
in), ordered food at restaurants, or chatted with
our friends at Torre Fuerte church.

But Oscar let the love of Christ show through him
at all times. He exuded grace and dignity and
a wicked sense of humor. Our whole group loves
him, and that is not flippantly said. From Hattie,
through the teens and middle agers (Kent and I are
included in that group)to my Hobbit mother (who
will call him Carlos by mistake...told you
she's a hoot), we consider him our dear friend.

We are only sorry that Sylvia and Eunice, his wife
and daughter are not able to come with him.

What a lovely way to start a new year, with a dear
friend in Christ.

Oh, Oscar had only one request for his time here
in Mayberry. He asked for NO VEGETABLES.

So I am going to honor his request. I sent him back
the following menu:
Tuesday---Green beans
Wednesday---Cabbage and broccoli
Thursday---Brussel sprouts
Friday---Beets and cauliflower
Saturday---Sweet potatoes
Sunday---Vegetable soup.

I Guess Oscar will like it! If he doesn't, I'll
send ol' Carlos down the gravel to my mother's


Billy and Jenn said...

I am so very excited that he is coming! I can't wait. Tyler and I are making plans as to how we will entertain him...

e-Mom said...

Oscar sounds like a gem of a guy. (How about vegetable enchilades?) Sounds like you're are going to have a wonderful time with him again.