Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tammy tagged me. I'm it and that makes me feel powerful!

How wierd is wierd?
Wierd is as wierd does.
Normal is on the outside, but wierd goes all the way through.
A normal in the hand is worth two wierds in the bush.

Now down to business.

Nine wierd things about me. Only nine...the list could reach to
infinity and back.

1. I am only 4'9" tall and wear a size 2 shoe. That means I do not,
own, and never have owned, a pair of highheels. It also makes
it extremely hard to find dress shoes that do not have Barbie
on them and tennis shoes without lights in the heels.
2. I luxuriate in thin towels and thin pillows. I will keep my towels
till they are practically see-through. I never feel dry with the
big, fluffy kind.
3. I like spiders and will almost always let them live, no matter
where I find them. If they are REALLY big and in the house,
or if they are on the bed, then I show no mercy. Otherwise my
philosophy is "live and let live."
4. I read the first chapter of a book and then read the last chapter.
Then I go back and read the rest to see if the author has done a
good job in getting from A to B. And, no, it doesn't spoil the book
for me.
5. As a child, I had to read all the books on my shelf in order. I didn't
want to leave any out. That meant reading some I really didn't
like, but I felt sorry for them and forced my way through them.
One book I really didn't like to read as a child, but forced myself
to was "Are You My Mother" by P.D. Eastman. I really like that
book now! Silly child.
6. I can't throw out a crossword puzzle until it is finished. Sometimes
that means, because of my peabrain, they stay in the house till the
newspaper is old, yellow and brittle.
7. My family says I often sing my sentences. For example, if I say,
"It's dinner time," it will be to a tune. Unfortunately they also
reassure me often that I don't, haven't and never will sing well.
8. My pillowcases have to have a firm edge. No lace for me. I will
even take my own pillowcase when I travel (like to Mexico last
summer.) There is a reason for this. I have a wierd habit of
feeling the pillowcase edge and it has to have a certain feel, I guess
it is a comfort thing.
9. Jewelry makes me feel claustrophobic. I can wear a little for a
short period of time, but then I have to remove it or I get bothered
by it.

Now on to those I am tagging.



Tammy said...

Oh, you are so weird Laurie! :D Just kidding...actually, this was SO enjoyable to read! You have such a great wit!
I laughed at the Barbie shoe comment- hehe...
Spiders? They are the worst for me...
And I could never, ever read the last chapter of a book and spoil the suprise!
So much fun finding all these wierd and wonderful facts! Thanks for playing!

e-Mom said...

I agree with Tammy... very funny. Size 2 shoe? Wow. I love your book-reading philosophy... guaranteed to save time. A-B and maybe inbetween? I like thin (down) pillows too! Thanks for the tag. It will take me some time... I hope I can be as clever as YOU! Many Blessings. e-Mom

Laurie said...

Tammy, thanks for tagging me. It was fun!

Oh, e-mom you are far more clever than me, just maybe not quite as wierd.

e-Mom said...

I'm back for a re-read. I love your little poem:

How wierd is wierd?
Wierd is as wierd does.
Normal is on the outside, but wierd goes all the way through.
A normal in the hand is worth two wierds in the bush.

How clever that you spelled "wierd" in a weird way!