Monday, November 20, 2006

There is a new Mayberry Blog. Our dear friends
Steve and Ruth are the posters, although so far,
Steve does all the posting. Ruth thinks she is
perhaps a little too opinionated, and I know from
experience that she can vocalize her ideas quite
well. She is especially good at telling people where
they might be going if they continue in certain ways.
She is also quite accomplished at performing the
Turkey Trot.

These Cool Older People are also one of my college
son's lifelines. They help to keep him sane up in the
Big City.

There Steven, now that I've plugged you will you
forgive the turkey and the soda last night? Afterall,
shirts will wash.


Steve & Ruth said...

Just for the record, it was hot coffee that spilled on me. I just returned from the doctor and he said I should recover from the 2nd degree burns. He did suggest legal counsel for my mental anguish.

Laurie said...

I was informed already this morning that it was hot coffee and not soda. BTW the church said they would cover all legal fees!