Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lessons From a Leaf

Here in Mayberry we have had a very wet and yet
quite lovely Autumn season. More than once I have
stood watching a scene that would not seem real if
I were to see it painted onto a canvas. A few days
ago, as I was tramping through the backwoods, I was
enthralled by all the leaves that were being shaken
from the trees and swirling down to rest on the ground.
The wind was blowing in gusts. There were quiet lulls
and then with a big swoosh of air thousands of leaves
were released at a time to make their short trip to

As I stood in front of one large oak tree and watched
at least a hundred leaves launch from one blast of wind,
I began to wonder how the leaves might feel if they
could think. It was fascinating to see the different ways
they each approached their time of freedom in the air.
Some would come barreling straight down, as though
there were no time to waste in getting to their destination.
Some reminded me of my neice Kinsey Jo, they twirled
and danced their way to their landing. Others would float
first one way and then change directions completely and
finally land in a place totally unexpected.

Think of the people you know. Some are barrelers. They
race to their goal. They accomplish much. Others flit their
way through life. They quiver with delight. Some we put
in a box and we expect them to be the same way forever,
but then we must catch our breath in surprise as they grow
into a totally different person than they were at first.

I was also fascinated with the knowledge of an omniscient
God. He knows every sparrow; He knows every hair on
our heads; He knows every leaf. Each one is in His mind.
Their release came at the appointed time. They each glady
joined in the great dance of life. They fulfilled their purpose
without complaint. Whether or not their journey to earth
was seen by anyone they made it with grace and dignity.
There is a lesson in this. Maybe several. I can learn trust;
if God has the leaves in His hands, I know He has me there
too. I can learn humility and pride. Who am I that God has
chosen me to be a part of His plan for the ages, and yet how
incredible that He has. And I can learn worship. All
praise to the God who is, and Who works, and Who cares.

Psalm 135:5-7

For I know that the Lord is great,
And our Lord is above all gods.
Whatever the Lord pleases He does,
In heaven and in earth,
In the seas and in all deep places.
He causes the vapors to ascend from the
ends of the earth;
He makes lightning for the rain;
He bings the wind out of His treasuries.


e-Mom said...

What a beautiful (and poetic) object lesson. Your children are lucky to have you for their teacher. Kinsey Jo... the ballerina?

Laurie said...

Yes, she is a wonderful dancer. This will be her third year to dance with the St. Louis Ballet Company in the Nutcracker.