Friday, February 16, 2007

The best laid plans of mice and men...! I meant to
give an end of the month (every month) count of the
number of mice G'ma Opal has done away with. I
forgot all about it until last night.

My Aunt Jenny, who lives down the gravel from us, took
G'ma shopping all over Poplar Bluff yesterday. They
hit the fabric store, Big Lots, the sewing machine
store and Dominoes. Then on the way home they stopped
off in an antique store. G'ma found a cabinet she
just had to have. The store owner loaded it in Jenny's
car and when she got home she asked Kent and me to come
unload it and carry it into G'ma's house.

We carried it in and G'ma wanted it between her washer
and her hot water heater if it would fit. It wouldn't.
But, as we went to measure the space Hattie saw a dead
mouse on the washer. When she told me about it I thought,
"Oh, man, I forgot to keep tally." So I asked G'ma and
the January total was eight. So far this month she only
has caught one. Well, we all have our oddities and G'ma's
is bringing mice to their demise.


LeftCoastOnlooker said...

I haven't had any mice since we moved here, although I'm not doubting they'll come when they want to. However, we keep a tally of the spiders we kill (I mean they are UGLY, brute beasts) & the lizards.

e-Mom said...

Go Grandma! Our cat brings in the occasional mouse... much to my dislike. Fortunately, he eats most of them, only leaving the guts behind. We haven't figured out why. Any clues?