Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yesterday it hit hard. It was almost as if someone
physically punched me in the stomach. I was making
a dinner of ham and beans, fried bread, fried potatoes,
spinach, beets and pears and I got an unbearable longing
for all things spring and summer.

I need peepers. The last two nights we've slept with
our window open because our wood-furnace has the house
up to 80 degrees. I listened to the rain fall steadily
through the night...but I need peepers. Just to hear
them for one night would be refreshing and would give me
heart enough to face the rest of winter.

I want cucumbers, onion and green pepper, fresh from
the garden and floating in a bath of vinegar, water,
sugar, salt and pepper.

I long for fresh, juicy tomatoes to slice and eat
three times a day.

I know it is somewhat of an illusion. Life is no better
when the sun is shining and the humidity is high. But,
right now, I am longing for it to come and to come quickly.

Sometimes my longing for Heaven hits me the same way. There
is a physical reaction. The heart beats faster, the head
gets light...oh, Lord Jesus, do come and do come quickly.


Billy and Jenn said...

I'm with you! I can't wait til summer either. Maybe it has something to do with graduation, school ending, free time, relaxation, baseball, softball, river, boating, swimming.... need I go on?

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Amazing connection - that longing for God's best --
although, when it comes to summer, I'm not too sure I can agree about the tomatoes

Anonymous said...
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e-Mom said...

Juicy tomatoes... I wish I could grow them! Hmm... maybe I'll try this year.

You seem much more tied to the seasons there in Mayberry than we are here in the big city. Or at least that's the perception I get from this lovely post. Were you eating canned spinach, beets, and pears? And what are "peepers?"

You are blessed indeed to live in the country, even if summer seems so.far.away. I long for HIS return too. Yes, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Laurie said...

E-mom, Peepers are frogs that make a loud peeping noise. They start in the evening and continue all night long. It is the best lullaby I can imagine.