Thursday, February 08, 2007

Monday morning Kent was looking out one of The
New Room windows (we added the room on 14 or so
years ago, yet it is still, and probably ever will
be, The New Room) when he said, in a startled voice,
"Cows are out."

Oops. Someone had told me that the day before
and I was busy and had completely forgotten. That
may seem strange, but our calves get out often
and they never wander about, so we don't fret over
it, we just go put them back in at our convenience.

Kent and I threw on our coats, it was brrrr cold
that morning, and I grabbed my camera. As I rounded
the back of the house this guy was staring at me.

Kent then sent me around the other way to open the
field gate and circle the house from the front. I
had to run fast towards the gravel to head off this

It took a couple of passes, but they all ran in the
barnyard gate and soon everyone was happily munching
on hay.

Later that day Hattie looked out and more cows were in
the yard. Guess who forgot to close the gate she had
been asked to open. Oh well. Hattie and I needed the
exercise anyway.


Tammy said...

I absolutely loved this glimpe into farm life...glad those ole girls are back where they belong! :)

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

they're soooooo pretty -- don't worry, I'm realistic about it, I've had to shovel "stuff", I know the "ewwwwww" part