Friday, February 09, 2007

Mayberry Morsels: An update on the Life and Times
of all things Mayberrian.

1. My mother had her first radiation treatment
yesterday. She goes every weekday from now on
for 7 or 8 weeks. Her second chemo treatment
will be next Thursday. She bought her wig on
Wednesday. I wasn't with her, but Philippine
Sister was. She says it looks terrific on Mom.

Chemo-brain hasn't affected Mom too seriously yet.
If you are on the opposing team in High-Five, you
can't get away with diddly-squat because her
eagle-eye is upon you. So be fair-warned.

2. If you are wondering about G'ma Opal, I will
be seeing her tonight. At least I hope I will.
Life has become rather too full for my comfort
lately, and though Billy and Hattie have been able
to visit her regularly, I've been a prodigal.

G'ma did have her picture in the Mayberry Times
this week. I love the Mayberry Times, and as
I was perusing it the other day, I turned the
page and there was a picture of G'ma, my Uncle
Bill, my cousin Sandy, Sandy's son Jason, and
Jason's daughter Kaona. So, if you count, it
was one of those 5 generation pictures. That
was fun to come upon.

3. That puts me in mind of two neighbors. They
don't live on the gravel with me, but on the county
road my gravel empties onto. One of them, I will
call them Case Study A, are a couple that are in
their 70's. They have one son who is married, and
he and his wife just recently had their first child.
So on Sunday Dinner days there are five of them
around the table. The other neighbors (CSB) are also
in their 70's. They have five children, all married,
32 grandchildren (several of whom are married) and
13 great-grandchldren so far. What fun Sunday Dinners
at Grandma's house must be for them. There would be
over 60 people around the table. Maybe they should
consider ordering a Round Table like King Arthur had.
Oh, and wouldn't it be nice if they had a big lazy
Susan in the middle of the table? It would save a
lot of confusion in passing food around.

4. We, in Mayberry, can't brag about any famous
landmarks, besides the Sparkling Jewel a/k/a The
Current River. We haven't any Taj Mahals, Statues
of Liberty, world-famous museums, or well-known
theaters. We do have one Fairy Castle though.
It is a really-truly fairy castle and I drove past
it yesterday just to get a picture for you!

5. Yesterday, when I looked out the door, early in
the morning, I found that these critters were out.
Oh, life is a lot of fun.


Tammy said...

First of all, your mom will continue to be in my prayers.

And wow...a real Fairy castle! It does look like something my little girls would like to explore!

e-Mom said...

We can only fit 6 around our table at Sunday dinner... well 8, if we squeeze. I can't imagine 60! But wouldn't that be a hoot? I keep wondering how many grandchildren we'll end up with. It's a bit daunting to contemplate. No doubt our family will be spread all over (unlike your loving tight knit community). So maybe we won't have to get a larger table (and HOUSE!) after all.

Purple... oh my!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

we can fit 6 around the table, but the room is too small to fit 6 :)

I'm praying for you mom & your entire family!

Is that house PURPLE? or am I losing my sense of color?

Laurie said...

E-mom and is SO purple you wouldn't believe it. It is even more amazing in real life. The man who is building it has been working on it little by little since before we moved to Mayberry and that is 15 1/2 years ago.

e-Mom said...

Sounds like a labor of love. Purple really is a lovely color... lol, but not for a house. :~)