Monday, February 26, 2007

February has been birthday month. First we partied
with Billy. He chose the traditional Butterfinger
Ice Cream Cake for his dessert.

Then we had a combined party in between the dates of
my sister's birthday and that of Uncle Jim. Tandy asked
for chocolate cake with chocolate icing and nuts. She
loves yarn and she got a lot of it!

But, of course, the big news of the night was that
G'ma Opal and Mom got smushed in High Five by Kent
and Hattie.


Laura and Matt said...

Your mom is still so pretty! I hope she is doing ok!

Fabulous at being Katy Jane said...

Tandy is so cute.

Billy and Jenn said...

Laurie, I like Tandy's picture. However I think the thing that made me like the most is your little head poppin out from behind her. Your favial expression is priceless.

Billy and Jenn said...

Yes, well I just noticed I was typing too fast a made a big spelling error. However it wouldn't let me trash it to start anew. Sorry.

Laurie said...

Jenn, I like the word "favial". I think we should work on thinking up a meaning for it.

Laura, I'll tell her you said so. She looks great in her wig too! She is in good spirits, just a little tired right now. Thanks.

Katy Jane, I'll tell her you think so! She makes the BEST popcorn in the world!

e-Mom said...

Butterfinger icecream cake? Homemade or store bought? Sounds divine! Nice to see photos of you and all the lovely ladies (and Kent of course!)

Laurie said...

E-mom, it's homemade. I'll post the recipe. It is divine, yummy too!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Happy Birthday to y'all!
Happy Birthday to y'all!
Happy Birtday dear everyone!
Happy Birthday to y'all!

favial = the look on one's face during special occassions (sorry, that's the best I can come up with at 11 pm)

Laurie said...

I like that definition Leftcoast. I guess it could mean, alternatively, "The special flavor a dinner has when it is made for a celebration." But that doesn't go with how Jenn used the word. Hmmm. I'll keep thinking.