Monday, February 12, 2007

Finally, the long promised picture of the quilt that
G'ma Opal gave me for Christmas.

We went down the gravel to visit her yesterday. She was
feeling a tad puny. She hadn't slept well the night
before and looked wan and fragile sitting on her
couch chatting with us. It wasn't long, however, before
she asked if we wanted to play cards. What? Play cards?
I thought you'd never ask!

She and Joel won the first game. She was perking up right
quickly. Then Mom and Dad showed up and we shuffled card-
players and G'ma and I took on Mom and Hattie. G'ma and I
won. Amazing...because my concentration level is known to
be flighty at best. G'ma was beginning to glow. I think
she probably had a fair chance of sleeping good last night.

Mom went to buy her wig last week. She and Becky were at
the wig store trying on various styles and the saleslady
told Mom that she had a small or petite head. Mom giggled
and said, "Little head, little wit; big head, not a bit."
It is a G'ma Opal saying that we've all heard dozens of
times. The shoplady was rather tickled.

When G'ma was saying goodbye to Mom yesterday before my
parents headed to the Big City for a week of chemo and
radiation, she spouted forth another of her famous sayings
in order to encourage Mom. I just can't bring myself to
type it down here though, it is just on the other side
of crude and I do not want to offend. Certainly this woman
brings color and fun into our lives daily.


e-Mom said...

What a wonder of a lady. I love your grandma Opal! Your quilt is beautiful. I wonder if I'll be quilting in my nineties? I've always thought I'd be like Monet, and paint. Maybe they both amount to the same thing: wild creativity. :~)

(Thanks for the update on your Mom. Trusting she's in the Lord's capable hands.)

Tammy said...

She does sound like a colorful and fun grandmother, Laurie! :)

I'm currently reading a book by one of my favorite authors, Robin Jones Gunn called Gardenias for Breakfast...all about a woman who takes her 12 yr old daughter to visit her own grandmother, now in her 90's, whom was so important in her life when she was young. This story you told reminded me so much of what I'm reading right now! :)