Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There are just no big or amazing or humorous or important
thoughts swirling around lately. Just Everyday Living is
going on here and mundane thinking is keeping it company.

Well, Grandma's garden is looking good; and she got her
corn planted this week. That is pretty important.

The spring has sprung so quickly this time around. Last
evening, driving home from a ballgame in the gloaming,
was a feast for the eyes. However, every new way of
describing it that came to mind was trite and overused
and seemed an offense to the beauty that was there.
"Verdant" and "green velvet carpet of the fields" and "trick
of light that turns the trees into shimmering gold
for a moment" all seemed rather tired and boring ways
of describing the actuality of the scene.

There has been the give and take of conversation these
past couple of days as my brother, Mike, and his wife Debby
have been making a pit stop in Mayberry on their way from
a visit in The Big City and heading back to their home in
Orlando. There will be more chitter and chatter as Kent's
parents come from The Big City today for a visit and a chance
to see one of the ballgames.

There is thankfulness that today Mom has her last radiation
treatment, and hopefully Thursday her fourth chemo. That
will leave only 2 more chemo treatments. And she is
ready to hop up and down, and since she got her blood
transfusion last week she can hop up and down, because
her CA-125 is well within the normal level now.

Today is another day to trust in the Creator and Sustainer
of all things. Whatever may come from His hands today, may
there be obedience and trust in the response that is given
back to Him.

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LeftCoastOnlooker said...

The everyday stuff of life -- "the most amazing thing in the world is an ordinary man & an ordinary woman & their ordinary children." (Can't remember who said that for the life of me).
Enjoy the "magic" of your everday stuff, for that is what the memories are made of. (I'm really not trying to be trite, but it keeps coming out that way).
I'm glad your mom is coming to the end of this round of treatments. I've been praying.