Thursday, April 12, 2007

From the Correspondence Page of the Mayberry Times:
Lots of people are sick, some have been
in the hospital, some are better and some
are not. Hope all are better and able
to be out and about.

Now this bit from the same page is funny:
I felt like my body was getting totally
out of shape, so I got my doctor's
permission to join a health club. My
first step on the road to fitness was
aerobics class for seniors. I bent,
twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down
and perspired profusely for an hour.
By the time I got my leotards on, the
class was over!

Did anybody in Mayberryland notice the notices
on the Religion Page? Let me just list some of
Amity Cemetery Homecoming, Work Day april 14
Wilson Cemetery Work Day April 14
Bennett Cemetery Cleaning April 14
Poynor Cemetery Cleaning April 21
Dalton Cemetery Clean Up Day Planned April 21
Union Cemetery WorK Day April 28
Shirley Cemetery Meeting May 12

(I have to wonder, who is coming home for the
homecoming at Amity?)

And finally this bit of disturbing writing from
the Correspondence Page:
"Food for thought" Many blessings are for
those that believe.

Believe what? That you can pray to a tree and find
peace? That the power is within you and you only
have to tap into it? That love and peace are the
answers to the world's problems? That the Hokey-
Pokey is what it is all about? Or, that there is
a God Who Is There and that He has acted throughout
history to bring the world and us to this moment
in time and that He has revealed that action through
the Scriptures?

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LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Your paper cracks me up -- I was wondering the same thing about the Homecoming as I read that!

I appreciate the way you tied in the end -- believe in what? excellent