Thursday, April 05, 2007

I absolutely howled over the following two bits of writing in
the Mayberry Times this morning. And, I suppose it is some
sort of picture of the way my family views me that as I was
sitting at the table howling away until tears rolled down
my cheeks not one person asked me what was so funny.

Later I did track down Kent and say, "You've got to hear
this." And then we both laughed till our sides hurt, it was
just as funny to me the second time through.

1. This one is from the Correspondence Page.

The jonquils (Easter lilies) are blooming again
along H Junction and V Highway. They have had
a struggle this year with changing weather, snow
and early time change but they continue to give
pleasure to passing folks.

2. The next is from the Lost and Found section.

Unusual plant
with dirt ball
attached. Vicinity
Summit Street, Mayberry.
Must identify. Call

(I promise the only thing I
altered was the name of the
town and the phone number.)

Beat that if you can!


LeftCoastOnlooker said...

I can't beat it, but I wonder if they interviewed the jonquils.

did they show a pic of the "dirt ball"? maybe some woman was trying to get rid of her "dirt ball"

I'm amused

Dana said...

Ah...I'm sure all the plants are struggling with the time change. Maybe that is why mine are wilting. It couldn't possibly be that it hit 22 degrees last night after they had all popped up so beautifully.