Monday, April 30, 2007

Various and Sundry and Rambling Mayberry Musings

1. I was stupid; I was. To think I could play three
softball games at the tournament Saturday and
then go on to continue normal living afterward.
That up and down catcher stuff is a killer on
the thighs muscles.

2. I am grateful; I am. The $1500 plus we raised for
the concrete project we will be working on in Mexico
this summer was worth the sore thighs, almost.

3. Life is delicious; it is. Lying in bed with the open
window at our head which allows the sweet and cool night
air to waft in and listening to the night noises noising
is a gift of surpassing value.

4. Life is double delicious;it is, it is. Rising in the
morning to curl into my little secret spot and listen
to the waking birds while the cool air flows through
the window and God speaks to me from His Word is a
richness undeserved.

5. I lied; I did. I haven't given any Mayberry Musings
in this post. There are some, but they don't fit the
mood somehow, so let's just see how well they keep in
the old grey matter for a later post.

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