Monday, October 16, 2006

gravel road

Notes from up and down the gravel.

1. I wish I could show you a picture of our two Jersey
calves. They have two different mamas, but look
like identical twins. They are doing something we
have never seen before. Whenever they nurse, they
both nurse at the same time off of one of the mama
cows. Usually a mama cow will not let any other calf
but her own nurse off of her, unless she is trained to
nurse others, but both of these mamas will let both
calves nurse at the same time. It is strange but

2. I may not have mentioned it yet, but it is bow season
here in Ripley County. The deer are beginning their
rut. We have been seeing quite a few bucks as we
drive up and down the gravel and blacktops and even
as we look out our windows. Tyler is quivering.

3. This morning Tyler told Hattie to look out her bedroom
window if she wanted to see something special. He ran
and got the binoculars and also a gun with a scope so
they could see better. Ducks were having a grand old
time splashing in the pond as it was raining.

4. Grandma had me giggling the other day. She wants to buy
a shed to put at the corner of her garden so her implements
will be protected. The shed she has in her yard gets water
in it and is stuffed full of odds and ends. She found a shed
she likes and when she told her son Jim about it he said, "I'll
bet I can find one cheaper on the internet." She said, "Fine,
but I want it to have a lifetime guarantee against termites
like the one I found does." Just how long is a lifetime guarantee
if you are going to be 96 in two weeks? I hope 100 years!


e-Mom said...

Grandma Opal at it again. Where does she get her positive attitude? I hope I'm like her at 96. Is she a believer?

Thanks for your great "Gravel" stories, as usual. I'm learning a whole new vocabulary, thanks to this bloggy thing we do.

Laurie said...

Yes she is! Back when we lived in the Big City my dad was doing EE training at our church. Grandma was visiting us and he had a trainee over and had her practice on Grandma. It was her day! Her Bible is very worn now.

Billy and Jenn said...

I saw the baby calves doing that the other day. I thought it was strange but Bill said it was normal. Thanks for helping me prove my point! ;)

Billy and Jenn said...

I saw a big buck going to the Miller's on highway 21 the other day. Just before I left for St. Louis again. I would say it was at least a 10 pointer, and it had a nice sized body as well.

e-Mom said...

Kent's trainee led Grandma Opal to the Lord? Isn't that a marvellous story. (She's my grandma too now you know.) The Big City... St. Louis, I presume. :~)

BTW, Billy and Jenn are a handsome young couple!