Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The lovely Indian Summer weather has been distracting;
and, my mind has been rather consumed with what a friend
of mine calls "everyday living."

1. Harding side of the family company at the end of last week.
2. Big contingency of Fleetwood side of the family this whole
week. (Doesn't matter if it is over 90 outside today, we
are having a bonfire tonight because Fleetwoods and bonfires
go in pairs.)
3. OFC Conference baseball play for Tyler was this week.
4. Joel's car died and so we are in the midst of dealing with that.
5. Lots of paperwork details to deal with, insurance and tax mix-ups.
6. And, sad for our community and especially our church, Kenny
McMillan, a Mayberry icon, died last night. How amazing to think
that he is in the very presence of Jesus and is no longer handicapped
in anyway.

1 comment:

Billy and Jenn said...

Yes, I agree, you guys are always have bonfires. IT is also amazing to think of Kenny and I am happy for him.