Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Up and Down the Gravel

1. Last week was Grandma's 96th birthday. We had a party
at my parent's home where we feasted on cream of broccoli
soup, wild rice soup, fried apples, pumpkin pie and chocolate
cake with chocolate icing. G'ma Opal got to play High Five.
I'm not sure, but I think she won. That is enough birthday
present in itself for her! We gave her a potted plant and she
said, "I won't thank you for this. You are not supposed to
say 'Thank you,' for flowers or they will die." Somewhere
during the evening she also quoted the following little poem.

If a task is once begun,
Never leave it 'til it's done.
Be the labor great or small,
Do it well or not at all.

That pretty well sums up her philosophy on life. We had a
lovely night. Four more years to 100!

2. Yesterday Kent beckoned me outside and we climbed the
gate and walked through the field. There was the sweetest
newborn red-baldy bull calf nestled in the grass. His momma
was still licking him. He is looking great. That brings us down
to one mamma that still needs to calve. If she doesn't, she'll
be hamburger. Our cows make the BEST hamburger, delicious
and very lean. It evens out all the bacon grease I cook with.

3. We are still giving shots twice a day to Fezzik, our Great Pyranees.
His leg is getting better. He is putting weight on it, though he still
limps some. I had to order more penicillin, hopefully it will get
here today.

4. What a loverly windy day it was yesterday. We took a long walk
and Hattie, who has been enjoying the story about Daedalus and
his son, told me that someday she would collect a lot of feathers,
melt some wax and make wings to fly with. I think I'll do it with
her. The trees weren't just dancing and swaying in the wind, they
were swooshing madly back and forth. What a day for a daydream
it was.

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