Thursday, October 26, 2006

There is nothing that will make one feel more James Herriotish
than sloshing through a soggy field in the gloaming of a late and
drizzling October day. Especially if said sloshing ends with
a wrestle with a Great Pyranees and a shot (for the dog, not me.)

Does it seem fair, I ask you, that Kent got to give the shot
and I got to hold down the dog? Of course, Princess Daughter
helped hold, but that ddidn't stop me from becoming mud
caked and hair covered. Somehow, in holding down Fezzik,
I found myself totally sprawled on top of him. When the shot
was safely administered I was trying to get to my feet by
moving west and he was trying to roll to the east, it was a
hopeless situation. Hopeless, that is, until Kent reached down
and hauled me up.

Oh, and we get to repeat the fun two times a day for a week.


Billy and Jenn said...

Oh poor thing! I do feel your pain though. When we went to check him out the other day, I was the one who was holding down his head. He either wanted to bite Kent or lick my face.

e-Mom said...

As I read this, visions of the crocodile hunter kept coming to mind. You're in good company! (Sad about his passing, though.)