Monday, October 09, 2006

When twenty-something ladies, ages seventeen to
seventy-something descend on a tea room it is not a
soft cackling that is heard; it is rather more of a roar...
until the food arrives. Then there is dead silence.

But though there is no soft cackling there is definitely
friendship felt, laughter lavished, teasing entwined,
joy juggled, and sorrow shared. There wasn't even
much real tea sipped; I'm afraid most of the ladies
ordered sodas, and some even went for the pumpkin
coffee. But, really, coffe, coke or Earl Grey all lead
to the same thing-bonding. There was plenty of that.


Billy and Jenn said...

I agree. There was definitely no cackling. It was very fun!

Tammy said...

Sounds delightful! I'm wondering what the "tea" was for and who were the ladies?

Love that picture of the teacup! I have one that a friend gave me which looks a little like that!

Laurie said...

The ladies were from the ladies group at church. We call ourselves the JOY ladies (Jesus, Others and You). We have monthly meetings, either in a home or at the church, but decided to do something fun and feminine for October.