Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mayberry Ramblings

I did the errand thing in Mayberry today. If I have to get out
on a gloomy, drizzly, icky in everyway day, I'd rather go to
Mayberry than anywhere else. You can always count on a
warm welcome everywhere you go.

The trees are really becoming quite stunning. I do not remember
such a lovely autumn in recent years. Maybe it is because we have
had a wet fall. (Refer back to previous paragraph.) The colors are
really glowing. I feel quite sorry for William Paul, Paul Marion, D.Jay
and Jimmy Lynn, because they just can't rhapsodize over the trees
as the rest of us can. Poor things they are color deficient. How much
they miss. It does make me grateful that I am a woman...since this
terrible malady runs in families but tends to skip over the females.

Let's see, what was interesting in town today. Two of the ladies at
the bank were changing lightbulbs in the overhang of the drive
through. I volunteered to help since I am so tall, but they just
laughed at me. Pat's (librarian) arm is getting better but is still in
a sling. She is going to Las Vegas for a family reunion at Thanks-
giving. I saw Oscar. You can't miss Oscar. He works for the local
phone company which is now a new phone company for us. Wind-
stream bought out Alltel in our area. Windstream has a quirky bent.
They make one phoneman in each area drive a lime green vehicle.
Oscar got chosen. You can see him for miles. He loves it. Not.
I caught up on gossip at Fred's and the grocery store, so I am set for
the week.

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