Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Enough Grace
I mentioned something yesterday that I wanted to develop just a bit - I said that God's grace is sufficient for me today (and today only is what I mean). When we were living overseas we came to a place in our oldest son's life where we had to choose between homeschooling - (he would have been the ONLY Western teenage boy amongst 9 million people or so) or sending him 7000 islands away to boarding school. (More than a car ride away from your 14 year old!). I worried over the decision for almost 2 years. I grieved for the holidays we would not spend together, I cried for the missed connection he would have with us and his little sisters - I was anxious about making the right decision. It seemed very easy for others who we knew to send their kids off to high school boarding school, but we anguished over the decision. Finally we came to a point where the 3 of us (myself, husband, and son) all agreed that he should go. Talk about feeling like Abraham sacrificing Isaac - we were there. I could give you the factors that went into the decision, but the bottom line is we really believed that was what the Lord wanted - and looking back I see His blessing.
Perhaps the biggest blessing was the lesson I learned about God's grace. Until we actually left our son there and flew back to our base of operations (as missionaries and church planters) I was so anxious. But once the deed was done - I was filled with peace. (A peace that truly passed understanding). That is not to say that I did not miss him, or worry about him - but I was confident that He was in God's hands and His hands are better than mine!
What a lesson to learn - God does not promise that His grace is sufficient for tomorrow - or next year, He promises it is sufficient for today. Whenever I begin to be overcome by fears or worries, I try to remember His faithfulness to me - and to leave tomorrow and its worries in His hands and rejoice in the Grace that IS mine (from Him) and sufficient for me TODAY.
I pray that His grace is sufficient for you too today. He's big enough.
Becky (guesting for Laurie)

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