Sunday, July 30, 2006

We have been back for a few days, but I was just numb
with all the images swirling through my brain. The
myriad of suitcases I was tripping over only added to
the general numbness and I needed to bring some order
back into the family and home before tackling other

The Mission Trip to Mexico was beyond incredible. We
were able to bless the Torres Fuerte church with a
concrete floor and they blessed us by becoming our
brothers and sisters. Even though they had a pre-
conceived notion that Americans are cold (they had
refused to have other churches from America come
to them in the past) they opened their homes, lives and
hearts to us and, I think, were surprised at how we
opened our hearts and lives to them. We became friends,
and God willing, that friendship will continue, not just in
heaven, but here on Earth as well.

This trip has done another thing for our church. My husband
and I have long prayed for a fire to be lighted for missions
here. That has come to pass. It is more than just a spark.
Now we pray for God to give wisdom in ways to keep that
fire burning. He is already answering that prayer as well.


Kathie said...

It is always so good to experience answer to prayer, isn't it? So often we pray and it seems like a long time and nothing to show for it. But when it happens, it is wonderful and exciting. Blogs are a good way to document that!

e-Mom said...

So glad you are back safe and sound! Your mission trip sounds so wonderful, and I hope you will post more about it when you're feeling rested. Maybe manyana?