Friday, July 14, 2006

One last quick Notes from around the farm before I head
South and Becky, my guest blogger whom you will LOVE,
comes aboard.

1. Oh glory, we got 10+ inches of rain early this week. As
my dad had said before the rain came, "We haven't had
any rain since the last time it rained." We really needed

2. The lane to Joel's house became gullied big time because
of the rain.

3. The gollywhompers are here. They came by droves yesterday.
Probably the rain brought them on. Gollywhompers, aka snake-
doctors are huge dragonflies that zoom around the yard and
over the fields in great clouds. They are a riot to watch. It is
fun to watch a chicken be walking along and reach up, like
lightning to snatch one from the air as it flies over.

4. The rain also drove some of the crawdads that live right below
the surface up into the yard. The chickens have been having
fun with them too.

See you when I get back.

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e-Mom said...

My vocabulary expands every time I come to your site! Love it! Have a safe and blessed journey.