Saturday, August 12, 2006

Another Grandma post.

I've always loved hearing her sing this song. She frets though
because she can't remember all the words. But, she knows
enough to give body to the song.


Bluebell was the hired girl's name, a fire she tried to light.
She jumped in a can of coal oil with a handful of dynamite.
It caused a great explosion, sad, sad to tell.
It blew the stove through the ceiling and also Bluebell.
She went up one morning and came down the very next day.
(Missing part)
Oh, where is Bluebell? Nobody ever did learn,
But, I guess she's in Heaven, for she's too green to burn.


e-Mom said...

HA! Funny. I'm going to google this and see if I can come up with the missing part. Love your gma!

e-Mom said...

Sorry, but I couldn't find it!

Laurie said...

Neither could I!