Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As children enter and move through their teen years the
parenting game becomes much less physical and much
more mental. Schedules becomes ever more complicated
and mealtimes can be difficult to work in. One of our
favorite quick meals is egg sandwiches. These are always
a hit a our house and can be depended on to get me
through the "We just got home and everyone is starved"
crisis that hits so often in the summer. Plus they are
inexpensive, and that is a definite plus to anyone on a
budget. And, on top of everything else, they are simple
and don't require very much use of the grey mass, which
is often a very good thing. My poor grey mass is worked
today in ways that far outstrip my college days.

Egg Sandwich Recipe

Two slices of bread (toasted or not, your pleasure)
One egg fried (if you don't like the runny you may scramble it)
One slice of cheese (any flavor)
Mayonaisse (or as one in my family prefers-mustard)

Assemble and enjoy

Just for fun here is a good breakfast recipe

Mexican Egg Sandwich Breakfast

Two slices of toast
One scrambled egg with cheese melted on top

Place egg and cheese on a slice of toast and cover with salsa.
Cover with the other slice of toast...enjoy.

Head over to Rocks in my Dryer for lots of great ideas.


melissa said...

My grampy and I ate these all the time... only I preferred mine with ketchup and sometimes a little tabasco

Mary Ann said...

I grew up on these. Yummy! Mom would often make these for a quick lunch after church on Sundays.

Mom2fur said...

We used to make something with my kids called eggie surprise. My 23-year-old son still makes it. You cut a hole in the middle of a piece of buttered bread and put it in a skillet. Crack an egg into the hole and cap it off with the round piece of bread. Cook until the egg is partly done, then flip and finish off on the other side.

Shalee said...

We make those too except we always cook the yoke. Mr. Right likes his to not be crispy, while I do. The kids are still deciding which one they like.

Kaci said...

I love fried egg sandwiches! My mom made them for me all the time as a child... but would you believe I'd forgotten all about them until this post?

Tonight, I'll introduce Halfpint to a golden, runny delight!


happychyck said...

What would I do without eggs? The kids will always eat them! Eggs-in-Toast for breakfast (what mom2fur said) and fried eggs for lunch. And it fills 'em up!