Saturday, August 12, 2006

It was a mystery. My sister (a/k/a Philippine Sister)
was down for a few days with her youngest daughter.
We had had a great day. We went to Campbell, MO and
got a trunkful of peaches. We went to eat at a Mexican
restaurant for lunch. We came home and puttered and
talked and played and then after dinner we decided to go
visit Grandma (the 95 year old Grandma of the quilts).
We (Dad, Becky, Kent and I) hopped in the truck and
headed down the road.

But, it was a mystery. Grandma's house was open. The
lights were on, the T.V. was on, the fan was fanning, there
were cards on the table, but there was no Grandma. We
checked everywhere in the house. We checked the garden;
we checked the yard. She wasn't there.

So, we walked over to Uncle Jim's; he lives in a home at the
back of her yard. His door was open, his lights were on, his
T.V. was running, but he was gone. Aunt Jenny, who lives across
the was was gone too, but we knew where she was, Thursday

We were worried, but only a bit. So, Becky wrote a note and left
it on the table. And then we piled into the truck again and, just
as we pulled out, Jim and Grandma came driving up. They had
had a chocolate bar craving and were on the prowl for one. The
corner gas station was closed, though, so they had to do without.

Wonder if I'll get cravings for chocolat bars when I am 95. I hope

We played High Five, of course. Becky and Grandma beat Kent
and me, but just by a bit. Grandma did not hesitate to tell me,
though, what Princess Daughter had done. "That stinker, she beat
me at Rummy yesterday!" I knew. The stinker had already told me.

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e-Mom said...

Love your stories! What fun. So fun.