Thursday, August 17, 2006

Notes from Mayberry and beyond.

There are aspects of the social life in Mayberry that just
aren't a part of the life of anyone who lives in the Big City
or Suburbia. Take cemetary dinners for example. That
is something that most people have never had a chance
to attend. Let me let me sum up.

In Mayberry there are dozens of small community cemetaries.
There is also a bigger town cemetary. The small ones are
supported by people sending in donations. For instance, the
one in my neck of the woods is the Elizabeth Cemetary. It used
to have a little Methodist Church associated with it, but even my
Grandma doesn't remember the church being there. It is just a
small place, maybe 2 acres or so in size. If you are a member there
is no charge to be buried there. You become a member by making
a yearly donation. The money goes towards paying the man who
mows, weedeats and rakes the gazillion oak leaves. I have great-
grandparents, grandparents, uncles, and gamillions of cousins
buried there.

The dinner part will happen this Saturday. We all get together, at
the cemetary, have a big pot-luck, make our donations and wander
around looking at the old stones. It is truly a big social event! I will
think, as I wander around, about the day that my happy little bones
will be lying in this very cemetary. I know they will be happy bones
because they will be looking forward to the resurrection of the body
that God promises to those who trust in Christ.

Tomorrow, in this very cemetary, my second cousin once removed
will be buried. Her mother was Grandma's first cousin. When I
called Grandma to tell her that Marjorie had passed away she said,
"Well, she was 86. She lacked from March to October being 10
years younger than me." That is another amazing quality about
Grandma. She knows how old everyone is and when their birthdays
are. And she complains about her mind going soft. May God bless
me with such a soft mind!


e-Mom said...

What a fantastic story! I've never heard of cemetary potluck dinners. How neat to know you'll be laid to rest (and resurrected) with all of your loved ones. Your blog is a treasure!

janice said...

that is so...i don't know how to describe it...
beautiful. All of that I guess and more...

We sure miss out us big city folk.