Monday, August 21, 2006

There was a little excitement here on the farm Saturday
night. We were in town and when we arrived back home
we could tell it had stormed pretty good: there were
leaves and branches all over the roads, the ditches were
filled with water, a canopy tent in our yard had blown
over, I had to drive through about 2 inches of water to
take Grand-Kitty home.

About two hours later, near midnight, Billy and Tyler
came home. Tyler went in his little nook of a bedroom
and came bouncing back out. "My window shattered!"
he told me.

Oh boy! Had it ever shattered. There was glass all over
his floor. And it had rained into his room. Rained is a
pretty tame word, it had poured in his room. The worst
of the worst, in his opinion, was that his bow and one of
his guns had gotten rained on. The worst of the worst,
as far as I'm concerned, is that now we have to call our
friend from church, Larry the Window Man, to come and
give us an estimate. We'll get an estimate on changing out
Princess Daughters window too. It is old and leaky, and
when the wind blows the curtains do too.

That could be a song.
(Tune of Rock-A-Bye Baby)

All of our windows have got very old,
They neither keep out the rain or the cold.
When the wind blows the curtains do too,
And then when they break we must buy them anew.

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e-Mom said...

A scary experience for all! I'm glad no one was hurt.