Thursday, August 03, 2006

If I were to stay in Mayberry for more than a day or two
I could catch up on what is going on here. Princess Daughter
and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Six Flags and
the Muny. Kent and I are allergic to amusement parks,
so it was her first experience. Unfortunately she loved it.
My tummy wasn't so happy. Isn't that ironic. My tummy
was a hero in Mexico, but Six Flags put it to rest. Actually
I just felt a little whoosy and dizzy and was glad to get back
to my in-laws house to recup. We only had two free tickets,
so the guys were in the clear on this one. My sister and her
daughter also had free tickets and we, even I, did very much
enjoy spending time with them! Tummy and all!

Can you guess
which one is
Daughter? The
skirt and top
were presents
for her from her
new friend Eunice.

The Mission Trip to Mexico was such a stunning success for
a number of reasons. One of the two main reasons was that
there was so much work to be done. Between organizing all
the crafts and puppets for VBS, getting the floor ready and
working the 16 cubic meters of concrete, and working on
the retreat center where we were staying there was always
work waiting to be done. Nobody felt that they were in the
way or just sitting around watching others work. And in
most of that work there were matching contingencies of
our American group and the Mexican church members.
Our work was side by side.

The second main reason was that we were so intermingled
with the church members that we connected on a fairly
deep level. We were with the same group of people for eight
straight days. We miss them. We want to be with them
again. We don't just miss Mexico, we miss them.

Concrete doesn't dry out. A chemical reaction happens to it
that actually locks in the moisture. In the concrete of
Torres Fuerte there is locked in forever the sweat and
blood of two groups of men; the DNA of both the Mexican
men and our Oak Grove men are connected for the duration
of that floor.


e-Mom said...

Cute picture of "Princess Daughter!" The whole thing sounds amazing. Sorry you're missing your new friends though. :-(

Laurie said...

I do miss them, but it was good to get home to my Mayberry friends...and to my e-friends too!