Friday, August 04, 2006

Grandma did it again. She said something that was so
funny that when I repeated it to Billy he could only
say, "She is so awesome." Pretty high accolades from
a 19 year old.

Kent, Joel, and I were at Grandma's playing High Five.
The guys were partners and Granma and I were partners.
We split the two games we played, so we have to go back
for the tiebreaker.

During one of the games Joel yawned enormously. As his
mouth was gaping Grandma, nonchalantly, looked at him and
said, "Joel, I wish you wouldn't open your mouth so wide,
you're making me homesick." Kent and I looked stupidly at
her. I have to admit that I thought, "She is losing it." Then she
continued, "I used to live in a cave." Oh, boy. Kent had just
taken a drink of water and to keep from choking he kicked out
his leg and hit the sore, concrete burned ankles on the table.

How funny she is.

Yesterday she sent up a bag of okra with Princess Daughter who
had gone for a visit.

Here is my favorite recipe for okra.

Slice the tender pods, throw away the tough ones.
Make a mixture of half cornmeal and half flour, sprinkle the
mixture with salt and pepper. Pour it over the okra and
stir well.
Pour the the okra into a pan of hot olive oil or bacon grease.
Stir fry until tender.

Sorry that I never measure. I just cook as much okra as
I have because it always gets eaten. Yesterday I probably had
three cups after slicing it and I used 1/2 cup of cornmeal and
1/2 cup of flour. I filled the pan with 1/4-1/2 inch of oil. I cooked
the okra all at one time. I just kept stirring it so new pieces would
get to the bottom to get browned.

My boys and their cousin are camping on the Current River.
It is thundering out, wonder if they'll come home early?

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