Thursday, August 31, 2006

Move over Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie; have I
got a mystery for you.

This morning when Tyler went outside he said, as has been
said so many times at our house, "The cows are out." We
have spent a lot of school hours chasing cows that somehow
got out and didn't want to go back in. So I went out and
got the two mama Jerseys and their calves back in. I was
pretty sure I knew what had happened. Last night Princess
Daughter and her second cousin, Nathan, were feeding apples
to the cows. They had left the barnyard gate open, I know,
because I noticed and closed it last night before dark. So,
I assumed, they must have left the big gate open too.

Okay, no big deal. We've had cows on the loose a lot. When
we were given our first cow we didn't even have a fence. If
you want a fence, get a cow. If you want a chicken coop, get
the chickens first; you'll soon build a coop!

Dark, scary music begins to play. About an hour later
this morning the cows were back in the yard again...only this
time more were out. I know Princess Daughter didn't leave
the gate open this time, she hadn't been outside and I had
closed it myself. How did those critters get out? Is your
heart beating fast yet? I think I'll make you wait 'til tomorrow
to hear the exciting ending. I can be irritating at times, just
ask Kent.

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e-Mom said...

I'll be back... I'm on the edge of my seat!