Thursday, August 17, 2006

Notes from the farm, Mayberry and beyond.

Two fawns have taken up residence in Joel's yard. Everynight
when we take Grandkitten back to Joel's house we see them
grazing. They are sweet.

A few nights ago we were visited by a skunk. I hate when we
are thus blessed. We all get headaches. Yech. Luckily he
seems to not have made us one of his nightly rounds so we
don't have to worry with how to deal with him.

A big racoon was in our feed box two nights ago. He led Kent
and Billy on quite a merry chase. I don't think he'll be back.

Last night Tyler looked up from the kitchen table to see a huge
grey tiger cat looking back at him from the porch railing. She
tried to get in the house when he checked on her. We think she
must be flea-infected because she was writhing all around. Hattie
couldn't go to sleep worrying over the cat's wailing. We told her
if it stuck around for a few days we would take it to the vet for
their adopt-a-pet program.

There was a big fat spider in the washing machine this week. Not
quite as exciting as a frog, but fun nonetheless.

The house is in catastrophe stage I condition. I usually prepare
for the next year's schoolwork in May or June. Our busy summer
kept interrupting me and so I am now scrambling to get it all
lined out. There are hundreds, even thousands, of books that I
am sifting through. Once I start on the boxes and shelves I
figure I may as well make a thorough job of it.

The mornings are beautiful and cool, they are like pearls slipping
off of a string. The nights are bursting with stars. I just read today
that 50% of Americans live in coastal counties. I love the ocean and
have always dreamed of living where I can go to sleep with the sound
of the tide whooshing in and out, but really, I don't think I'd trade my
little corner of God's country for the shore afterall.

Think I'll save Mayberry and beyond for a later post.

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