Monday, August 21, 2006

Last week, starting school again was overwhelming. I
just wasn't prepared. But with lots of perserverance
and sweat, all the school books have been organized.
It is good to see their honest faces once more. Some
have been used in my family so long they feel like

I was babysitting a shelf of Landmark Biography books
for Philippine Sister while she was in the Philippines.
They parked their little selves on my book shelves for
about 10 years. But this week Philippine Sister and
her husband Derrill are closing (God-Willing) on a house
and so I packed up the books to send to their new
home. I will miss them.

At least they stayed where I put them. One summer
we babysat a big old Palomino named Charlie. He was
a pretty expensive dude. Twice he ran away and
talked Puddles, our little Shetland, into going with him.
What a relief it was when we found him again! And
what a greater relief it was when he went back to
his rightful owners! He even knocked our old barn
over one morning. He was quite the personality.

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