Tuesday, May 22, 2007

25 years is a good amount of time. It means that
I have been married for longer than I was single.
Kent and his personality have become essential to
my very essence.

Neither one of us are big on huge shows of sentimentality
just because the calendar dictates it. I cannot tell you
when the last time was that we exchanged Valentine gifts.
It is in the dailyness of living that we love and honor
one another.

I was going to write a list of 25 things that I love about
that man, but it seemed so maudlin. I will share some things,
though, that are dear to me.

For example, Kent thinks I am funny. He appreciates my
sense of humor. Many people just don't get the connections
that seem so clear to me. I like to be laughed at when I
WANT to be laughed at.

He likes to sleep with the window open, and since our bed
butts up next to the window and we have no head board the
window is our headboard. The outside air and the noises
of the night are food for my being. I am so glad he feels
the same.

I would give up flowers and gifts forever to keep our early
morning times together. I cuddle in my spot, which he lets
me have, even though it is his favorite morning spot also.
He sits across the room or along the loveseat and we each
pursue our own time of reading and meditating on God's Word.

I love the fact that almost every day I can count on at least
one good discussion, before breakfast mind you, about theology
in all its glory and finer points.

I am so glad that we travel well together. We don't like
planning too much ahead. We want to stop when we feel like
stopping. And we both like to stop a lot, that is a huge
relief. I never feel guilty for needing to polish my nose.

I love the way he worries an idea like a bone until it fits
into a structured part of a whole. He won't stand for
inconsistency or inaccuracy. Sometimes I want to scream
with frustration because I am much more about sweeping the
dirt under the rug and saying, "Good enough for government
work." But he calls me to become more that I want to be
in my thinking and in my living.

As a father he is fabulous. His sons are strong and courageous.
His daughter is a princess. And they do not have to rely upon
me for their spiritual teaching. I take every chance I have
to teach them and pray with them. Just this morning, since
I get up with Ty to get him out the door by 5:30 for work I
studied with him from question number 28 of the Shorter
Catechism and we prayed together. But, I can count on Kent
to lead the family in devotions and prayer, to answer hard
questions and to give advice. What an example he sets for his

His eyes are blue and his soul is purple.

Fernando Ortega sings of his wife Margee Ann in a beautiful
song; the chorus of that song has in summary form how I
feel about Kent.

"You're the first light of the morning, my cool sunrise.
You're my love across the table, a little sleep in your eyes.
You're my strong cup of coffee, you like to laugh right with me.
You're my heart's companion, my one true companion,
Sweet darling, lover of mine."


LeftCoastOnlooker said...

how absolutely wonderful -- happy anniversary

e-Mom said...

I'm waaaay behind here, and I'd love to comment on every single post forward... but I do have to stop here and wish you a happy 25th anniversary.

I know what you mean about special celebrations "on the day." Somehow, that feels contrived (and thankfully unnecessary) after all these years. I love the poem you closed with, AND all the things you love about Kent. Sigh. Wonderful! :~)