Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To go along with yesterday's post here are the views
from Up and Down the Gravel. These are the views from
the end of our driveway, but they are not the prettiest
part of the road.

This first view is up the gravel. It only makes sense
that the north view would be the Up one. Though,
political correctness, Mayberry style, says that nobody
lives Up the Gravel; this has all been discussed in
past posts. Everyone lives Down the Gravel. However, if
you, technically, go Up (Down but North) on the gravel,
though you can't see them here, you will get to G'ma Opal's,
Uncle Jim's and Aunt Jenny's houses.

This second view is both technically and politically correct.
This is the view, from the end of my driveway, of Down the
Gravel (that would be South). If you meander down the road
this direction you will (if you turn off on a side lane)
arrive at Joel's house and Grand-Aunt Lucille's and first
cousin once removed John's and Mary's homes. If you don't
follow that lovely little lane but rather continue on the
main gravel you will come to my parent's home which actually
fronts the blacktop. And, lucky for them, they don't have
to worry at all whether anyone lives Up or Down the Blacktop.
I suppose people just live On the Blacktop.

This last view is of our driveway leading down to the Gravel.
No commentary necessary; I just thought you might enjoy the

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