Friday, May 25, 2007

Further Lesson From Hummingbirds

Last night we were out playing ball in the yard.
The guys and Hattie are trying to get Mom up to
snuff before the start of softball season. It is
a daunting responsibility and nighwell impossible.

But, I divert myself, so back to the subject at
hand. As we were playing the buzz from the humming-
birds was enormous. There are so many and they are
so busy.

Sometimes there will be a single bird at a feeder. Soon
a second bird will appear. First bird leaves his food
spout and begins to spar with second bird. There are
three empty spots so why does he feel compelled to
fight with second bird when there is plenty to go around?
He drives off second bird and then settles in to alternately
sipping and checking for rivals.

If he would only concentrate on his own little corner of the
world what trouble he could avoid. He could build up his
store of fat more quickly. He could rest from time to time
instead of living his life in a complete frenzy. I wonder,
how many times I am more concerned about what my neighbor is
getting or doing or experiencing than I am about what I
should be doing. As long as I am watching, dissecting and
criticizing the lives of others I can avoid doing so to my
own life.

It reminds me of a story about a speck and a plank that
Jesus related to his disciples one day when they were up
on a mountain.

There is a time and a place for confrontation, disagreement,
discussion and judgment, and there is a time and a place to
mind one's own business and tend to one's own duties.

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Tammy said...

Great lesson, Laurie...and beautifully written!