Sunday, May 13, 2007

We have hummingbirds. We have had hummingbirds in the past
but nothing like we have them now. There have been at least
fifteen at one time battling for a spot at the trough. Now
I wish we'd planted sugarcane this year. We can afford to
feed a family of 6, plus the usual drop-ins...but fifteen
or so hummers? The sugar producers will love us.

G'ma Opal is headed for the Big City today. She's not been
away from home overnight (except a few hospital stays) in
7 or 8 years. She stopped by for a Mother's Day dinner before
taking off. Here she is surrounded by grand and great-grand-
daughters, and if you look carefully you'll see the new
sweat pants she got as a gift peeking out from under her
dress. She just couldn't wait to try them on.


LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Wow, so many hummingbirds, I think I've seen 1 in my mil's yard, but that's it, around here.
Great pic of all your "girls"
Happy belated Mother's Day.

Tammy said...

Beautiful hummingbirds, and so many! We usually get just one or two, if we're lucky, and not until August.

And there's G'ma Opal! What a great picture of all these women!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

e-Mom said...

Grandma Opal is certainly the family "matriarch"... right in the center of the shot. What a lovely group of ladies.

(My sister called ME that recently. I'm not sure I relish the title.)

I LOVE hummingbirds. We rarely see them around here. They're such fascinating little creatures.