Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sometimes life is like a cup of golden sunshine. I
thank God for times like this. The other day someone
said that we only seem to cling to God when times are
difficult. I don't see why that must be so. In fact,
I don't find that to be so.

When circumstances are filled with just the dailyness
of living and the days are slipping past filled with
work and play and study and devotion there is time to
meet with God and comtemplate and well, just love Him.

And so, may I meet Spring and Summer head on. May
each sunshine or storm filled day be another chance to
wash clothes, do paperwork, cook a yummy meal, play
games, read books, and in the midst of all these things,
may each day be a chance to hear the God who Is, Was
and Ever Shall Be speak to me from His Word.

What more can a girl ask from her God-given gift of life?

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