Friday, May 25, 2007

Mayberry Happenings:

Yesterday was town day. I thought about holding
a contest to see if anyone could guess the four
types of animals that crossed the road in front
of my car during my 11 mile (one way) drive to and
from town, but I couldn't think of a good prize
to offer. So, I'll just up and tell you.

1. A snake (he was slithering fast, but I think it
was a green snake.)
2. A turtle (he pulled his head in when I whizzed
3. A deer (she jumped up and ran across Highway 160
just a few feet in front of me.)
4. A squirrel (this little fellow acted the part of
all squirrels--unable to make up his mind which
way to run 'til the last moment...lucky for me
and him he chose the opposite way I did.)

Then last night, my boys and their friend Jenn came
across two young red fox pups eating a duck in the middle
of the gravel road. They stopped and took pictures.
The pups mostly just ignored them. Look at these incredible

There was nothing really funny in this week's
edition of The Mayberry Times. There were though,
as usual, some strange sentences/paragraphs.

From the Speak Out section:
Revenge. Revenge is sweet until you yourself beg
for mercy and there is none. Think about it while
there's still time.

(I think that would be a great start to a mystery
novel. The heroine finds a note, tattered and torn,
with the above words on it. She feels great
wonderment and some fear. She experiences a delicious
shiver of excitement and then embarks upon the
adventure of her life in discovering the whys and
wherefores of said note.)

And in a different section of Speak Out:
Today's Sodom and Gomorrah ways is taking us under.
(Under what? I won't speak to the grammar of this


Dana said...

Way cool. I love foxes!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

"Revenge. Revenge is sweet until you yourself beg for mercy and there is none. Think about it while
there's still time."
Open with a man begging for mercy -- FLASHBACK to ________________ before he was redeemed (has this been used already?!)

e-Mom said...

Hmm... this is way outside MY experience. The fox is cute--of course--but the kill? Well, I guess I'm too citified. I learn something new every time I here, Laurie! :~)

I loved your hummingbird reflections. They're one of my favorite critters, but I've rarely ever seen one close up. You seem to have swarms of them! Very cool.

Billy and Jenn said...

Whoever took these pictures was a very talented person. ;)

Laurie said...

B&J I should have given credit where credit is due...sorry!