Saturday, May 19, 2007

News From Up and Down the Gravel

My mother's last chemo treatment was this week.
We are grateful for how well she is responding.
I know she is looking forward to a summer free
from all the back and forthness of going to The
Big City for her treatments. Sometime this summer
her cancer doctor is supposed to come for a visit.
That should be a hoot.

I was at G'ma Opal's yesterday. She was filling
me in from her own visit to The Big City. And
in the midst of that she told me two interesting
tidbits. A)A mosquito won't bite you if you are
holding your breath. Next time I notice one coming
my way I'll just hold my breath and hope it flies
away before I turn purple! B)The first word she
ever learned to spell was "pepper". Her dad taught
her when she was a wee bit o' a thing. He said,
"Pepper is half 'P's." She learned to spell it,
but she never could understand where the peas were
in pepper.

We have a momma goat that is just on the verge of
kidding, and we have a few that need to go to the
sale barn on Monday night.

Tomorrow we are having a big Bar-B-Que here at our
house. Once a year we invite the church-folks over
to eat and play volleyball, swim, throw baskets,
jump on the trampoline etc. We've also invited some
relatives, neighbors and friends, because when you're
going to have 80 or so what's another 10 or 20?

Hattie came into the room where I was working the
other day. She had something hidden behind her back.
She said, "Mom, you know I've had a frustrating day,
but if you will just let me keep this, all my little
frustrations will be better. It will be a good day."
"What IS it?" I wisely inquired. See for yourself.
We kept it overnight in a bucket on the porch and
then let it go.


Tammy said... that...a...a...snake? ;)

I loved hearing more G'ma Opal conversation...I'll be holding my breath when I see a mosquito coming my way this summer!

And your mom will continue to by in my prayers!

e-Mom said...

Hooray for your Mom! What a long haul it's been for her. Yes, I wonder, where are the peas in pepper? (Gma Opal does it again!)

I'd love to hear about how your party for 80+ people went. You are BRAVE! Praise God for your faithfulness as a couple. :~)

Dana said...

Glad to hear chemo treatments ending...and like many children, one of my first words to spell was Mississippi.

Laurie said...

Me too, Dana. "M" "I" "crooked letter, crooked letter" "I" "crooked letter, crooked letter" "I" "Humpback, humpback" "I"