Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The cousins (and their friends) were busy this weekend.
They filled their hours with crawdadding, Annie Ocard games, whiffle ball, rivering, and lots of eating.

Crawdad catch before eating time.

Two games of High Five at the river.

Meanwhile the adults were also eating and playing cards.
Kent could do no wrong. In High Five every play he made
was a ringer.

At the fish fry on Saturday night Kent and Becky (my sis)
were playing Mom and G'ma Opal. You have got to remember
there are no people on this earth who are more competitive
at cards than Mom and G'ma Opal. But, they were playing
against Kent and he was mopping them up. The first game
they (Mom and G'ma) never got out of the hole. The second
game they finally climbed past zero, but just barely. They
were sunk to terrible depths. Mom even began to sing the
song, "I'm Looking Over a Four Leafed Clover" to try and
give G'ma a hint when she (G'ma) had won the bid and needed to
choose her suit. Table talk. But at that point no one
cared. It was desperate. The girls lost again.

Two days later Becky was down chatting with G'ma Opal. This
is not word for word, but is a pretty close approximation
to the conversation.

G'ma Opal, "Well, my ear hurts today."
Becky, "Oh, I'm sorry!"
G'ma, "It hurts because I got a really good sleep last night
and didn't move around enough."
Becky, "(really she didn't say anything, what was there TO
say to that?)"
G'ma, "I slept really good last night because I slept really
badly the night before. I just couldn't get those two
card games off my mind."

Really! A card game keeping you awake at 96.

Go G'ma!


e-Mom said...

Lol, what a cute Grandma Opal. She always makes me chuckle. :~)

P.S. How do you cook crawdads? They look dangerous!

Laurie said...

They aren't dangerous at all. As Billy says, even if they pinch it doesn't hurt too much. You cook them by boiling them, like a lobster, 'til they turn red. Then you have to work hard to get the tiny bit of meat out and dip it in butter. Yum!

Tammy said...

I'm late here, but this was so fun to read...sounds like a great day- but I'm not sure that crawdads look all that appealing to me, personally...;)

Love your G'ma Opal! :D And your mom singing "Four leaf clover" is a hoot!

e-Mom said...

I'll be right over... Thanks for the cooking lesson! :~)