Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not only do we have hummingbirds (Did I say we had
15 or so of them? I lied. We have 30 or 40 in a
continual eating frenzy. They are fascinating!
I will try to find some of their nests and post
pictures.) on our porch, but we also have another
of God's creations out there.

A few days ago the boys found a huge black widow
spider and two egg cases and scooped them all into
a jar. They were in my living room until last night
when I had visions of the egg cases hatching and
a gazillion tiny black widows climbing through the
air holes poked in the top of the jar and zipping
around the house.

I'd like to get a picture for you, but while I am
not the type to go bezerk over a spider, the thought
of opening the jar and trying to maneuver the camera
and spider into a good position for a shot is more
than I think I'd like to attempt.


Steve & Ruth said...

I'm glad the spiders are in your house and not mine.

Laurie said...

Well, hopefully they won't actually ever get into the house now that they are officially moved out onto the porch.

Tammy said...

OK....officially creeped out now! LOL
Hopefully, no spider dreams for me tonight! UGH!

And...I think you did the right thing, Laurie...
poisonous spiders inside- Bad
poisonous spiders out- good

But poisonous spiders at the other end of the state- even Better