Wednesday, May 23, 2007

E-mom asked how our BIG BBQ was. It was fabulous.
We had fairytale weather. I cannot remember having
such a perfect day for one of our big bashes in the
past 15 years that we have been doing this. The
temperature was in the low eighties and the humidity
was about zilch,yet it was plenty warm enough for the
children to swim in the two pools we had set up.
They are really big cattle troughs. One we fill just
a little for the baby and toddler crowd and the other
we fill to the brim for the bigger children.

Really we have a perfect set-up for such an event.
We have a swing set, a playhouse, a trampoline, a
basketball net, the pools, and plenty of room for
volleyball, horseshoes and a game like ultimate
frisbee to be conducted simultaneously. There is
also shade for the older folks who want to sit and

Monday morning I was making a list of people who
were there and I counted 101. I may have missed
a few, but I think I pretty well got everyone.

Actually the big hit of the day were the hummingbirds.
They were zooming and zipping between the three feeders
we have spread around. I am sure there were 45 or
50 of them, though they never will be still enough
for me to count. I think they liked all the activity
because they weren't a whit shy about feeding or fighting.
We were joking about how they might act if we were to
fill one of the feeders with Mountain Dew instead of
the traditional sugar water. I think they might just
explode. It would not be a pretty sight.

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e-Mom said...

Thanks for your report! But no pictures???? :~)

You two are blessed to have hosted such a successful event... for 100+... Fantastic. It reminds me of our youth ministry days (Young Life). All those crazy kids created some of the best memories of our marriage.