Monday, April 17, 2006

Because my husband is bi-vocational he seldom has
a scheduled "day off". However, we do try to keep it
lighter on Mondays since weekends can be exhausting
for a pastor. Today Kent has been cutting wood, doing
a little office work and most important of all, showing
our 16 year old son how to change the oil in the car.
Tyler does not have a bent towards mechanics, but
by teaching him this one basic do-it-yourself job, Kent
is setting Tyler up to save hundreds of dollars over
the years. Plus it gives them male bonding time.

Yesterday, after all the Easter doings, Kent took Hattie
out for pizza. Eight year old daughters really hold their
dads in high esteem. What a God-given opportunity
for him to share his love for her, and his hopes and
dreams for the princess he sees her becoming by
God's grace. When they came home I was told we had
to save the pizza box. That was beyond my comprehension.
It had gunky cheese and crumbs all in it. What a relief
to find out we only had to save a little label from the box.
I happily cut it out. It is not easy living with packrats.
I can not pitch out more than the rest combined can bring

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